Zoom launches SSO feature to make classrooms safer

Zoom launches SSO feature to make classrooms safer

Video conferencing app Zoom has rolled out a new feature that is aimed at making virtual classrooms safer. The newly launched feature called Single Sign-On or SSO enables users to log in with one set of credentials to access all the features, which includes data, applications and other services.

With Zoom’s newly launched feature, school’s IT administrators can set up their Zoom accounts so students can authenticate themselves against their school identity system or SSO provider before joining a meeting. Students are then identified within the meeting using the name from their IDP. Only when they are authenticated, are they allowed into a session.

Zoom says that for school and IT administrators, Zoom’s SSO feature adds an extra security layer to their hybrid learning processes. For students, the technology simplifies username and password management, streamlining the user experience. For teachers, it’s a better classroom experience.


Notably, Zoom’s SSO feature was already available for faculty and staff members. Now, the company is extending this experience to classrooms for students.

Separately, Zoom has also rolled out support for INR, that is, Indian National Rupee to Zoom. With this feature, Zoom users in India will be able to pay for their Zoom accounts in the local currency.

“Users will be required to choose India as the billing and sold to country and can pay using the credit card option for purchase in INR. For the initial phase, the users will be limited from seeing or buying Zoom Phone SKU in the purchase flow made via web browsers,” Zoom wrote in a blog post.




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